First turkey trot 5k

Today my husband and I completed our first 5K turkey trot! It was overcast and 50 degrees so a little chilly! We did do our PR 14 mm, was so very happy about that! We woke up at 6:15 for the 8:30 race, got there and there were about 600 other people there. We started off with a jog and got past the bulk of the group, I was having some pain in my left shin when we started and that worried me so I didn’t want to push too hard. By mile 2 I was feeling much better and picked up the pace. I felt the fellow walkers/joggers were trying to race me lol. Totally a mind thing! The finish line we held hands so we finished together! We got mimosas and Bloody Mary’s for participating and a yummy snack! It was a blast! Thanksgiving linner was delicious but didn’t over do it!! Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! Time for me to get some sleep!



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