Finally the sun!!

It’s been gloomy for days and finally the sun has peeked out! I took full advantage of outdoor cardio today! I kept a 15mm pace which I was super happy about and I stretched before I walked so I had no cramps or pains, also happy about that since the last few days my left leg would cramp. I know it I stay focused and work on my time and distance the weekend of the challenge I should do and feel great! 

There are lots of forums I am in to hear and voice thoughts or opinions and I feel like those sometime help or hurt me. A few of them have gotten swept(picked up for not keeping time) and some finished with a PR. I just want to finish! 

I am looking forward to tonight’s dinner! Cabbage rolls, I’ve never made them before but I am looking forward to making them!! Hope everyone is having a great day!


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