I did it!

Well this Morning I took it easy and started my day reading again, I think filling my mind with positivity before I start the day is making a difference. The book I’m reading is The Art of Happiness written by “His Holiness the Dahli Lama”. It’s pretty great!

Well around 10:30 I decided to go outside and do some cardio, it was 55 and sunny so the weather was perfect. The run keeper app told me there is a global 5K so I decided I would make that the target distance for today’s cardio. I put my headphones in and started my cardio session. The first 15 min update was announced and I couldn’t believe it! I had walked a mile!!!!!!! I wasn’t jogging just walking and to hear I was keeping that pace made me smile. I focused on keeping up with that pace for the rest of the walk and I did jog a quarter mile and the end and guess what…I walked a 14.56mm WHAT!!!! I felt really good at the end and wound up walking 3.68. Man what a feeling! I know I’m getting stronger, just need to continue to work on the distance! 85 more days 😃



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