I pushed myself and found I am getting stronger💪🏻

Thursday morning was my 2nd interval pump class. The weather is still so cold so all workouts need to be done indoors. Got to the class and it was Interval style again. It started with squat box jumps😳 those things scare me but…I did them for 3 30 second intervals. It was hard but the fact that I could even do them shocked me. Class was a killer but I didn’t give up and I finished a sweaty mess but I got through it. 4 months ago there would be no way I could survive that class and yesterday I crushed it!💪🏻

Today is cold and breezy which means back to the gym. Today will be cardio day so I’ll do 3 miles on the treadmill. Going to get it done first thing and attack the rest of today!! I’m feeling good and I did a body assessment and even though the scale hasn’t moved my BMI and body fat are down! That’s a win for me😊



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