Yay for Tuesday

Today it was time to get back at it! Hit the gym first thing this morning💪🏻 I started out on the treadmill and walked along side a friend and we chatted which passed the time faster. Then I hopped on the bike for 3 miles and boy was I sweaty! Making that far cry lol! Last I did the arc trainer! It’s time to use that machine 3 times a week added in with my workouts! It will help with resistance training and I know it will help. 

I keep reading forums about people getting swept(picked up) for not keeping time and I am really making sure that does not happen with me!! I know if I keep training I will be able to finish but reading all the stories of the ones that got picked up keeps worrying me. Here’s to keeping time! Tomorrow is my 2 fitness class day! I’m ready! If you use Fitbit friend me Erica Rice 😊


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