Monday madness

Today started off outside the norm. I am really good at setting my alarm for they gym and last night I forgot and overslept! I guess I was tired. A little bummed that I missed class but planned on still heading to the gym. My daugter was home and said she would go with me so I was happy to have a gym buddy! We dedicided on doing cardio! We got there and it was stifling hot! It felt like a steamy sauna gross! I’m sure it’s because a lot of people were in and out of there all morning! Jumped on the treadmill and kept a fast pace! That made me happy and sweaty…gross! We then did the stationary bike and finished our 60 min and out the door we went. I did 3 miles on the treadmill and 3 miles on the bike! Overall it was a great workout.

I also started the cleanse today and my eating and water intake was on point. I had great energy too! Bring on day 2!


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