Today’s been a good day!

Today started great! Up early because I had to take my car to the shop and make it to Interval pump class at 8:15👊🏻 out the door in time and made it to my class. I was already sore from yesterday’s classes so the fact that I knew weights and legs were going to be worked in class today so I had already wrapped my brain around that but today’s workout was intense! Cardio section was crazy jumping jacks, push ups and burpees oh my! Sweat was a pourin lol! Jumped on the treadmill and got in some steps! Gotta get in the 9 miles soon😬 it’s going to snow tonight so it may have to be indoor cardio. My sweet daughter came to pick me up and get my car so it was nice we got to workout together! I got the email that my flight is 8 weeks away which means the race is coming up!😳😬


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