Terrific Tuesday!

Well here we are just going right into the new year! Today was up at 6:30 ready to take on the day…NOT. We are away and I didn’t sleep very well last night, maybe it was the unsweet tea or the new sounds but whatever it was I felt like I got no rest, but I was up early so I was ready to get active. I looked on the AllTrails app and found a few places close by the hotel that I could go hike. I was looking for something easy but decided to challenge myself. 60 min later and a few trails done I felt amazing! The weather was perfect 58 degrees and I worked up a sweat. Btw I was super sore from yesterday’s workout😳 I think the scenery helped me not focus on the fact that my legs were so sore. Today’s weather is awesome and as I write this I am sitting out by the hotel pool. So crazy to think that 4 days ago it was snowing. Well I am pretty sure there are 40 something days until my race weekend! I am so ready!! Going to keep on pace with training!


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