It’s the climb

I slept in today, clearly I was tired! I did some office work and headed out the door to do what I thought was going to be light cardio! I started going there was a cool breeze the sun was shining! It was 50 degrees and I just felt good. Started on my normal path but decided to unthink it a little. I headed up the first hill and was a little winded but made it up easy, I then decided to go down the other side. Made it all the way to the front of the neighborhood not keeping in mind what goes down Must Go up. I had to do it and climb up the very steep/hill path I dug my heels in and pushed it. I am working on controlled breathing. I know that is a big part of training. Well I made it to the top, a little out of breath but I made it!! I stopped to enjoy the view before I headed back down! I did 60 min of cardio and felt great! The sun was shinning and it kept me motivated! Here’s a view of what was at the top!


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