What a Monday

I was up early but not early enough to get to the gym so I was determined to get some cardio in. The weather was pretty nice, 50 degrees and sunny but it was windy. I decided to walk along the Arkansas river for my cardio session. I got there and there weren’t a lot of people which was surprising to me. I started my walk and about a mile and a half in I got a horrible leg cramp. It was my fault because I did not stretch before I started. I stopped and stretched for a few minutes and it helped. I then continued on. I was only going to do 4 miles but felt I could do more so I kept on. I started seeing a few more people on my route as it got warmer and I felt pretty good. I wound up getting done over 6 miles🏃🏽‍♀️ I am 33 days away from race weekend!! I know it will be more mental then physical for me so I am making sure I work on my cardio. 

Today I am going to a Zumba class with a friend! I am excited and I love to dance so this will be a nice break. 

Here are some pics from along my cardio path.


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