Yahoo! I won

Well here we are at the end of the first month of the new year, I have to say my year has started pretty great! I have continued to train everyday for the glass slipper challenge, I committed to getting healthier and I’ve lost 11 pounds since January 3rd😃 My husband and I joined a diet bet with some friends and it was confirmed today that when we weighed in that we both were a winner😱 I have really been sticking with my goals and I feel fantastic! 

I got some new sneakers today to break in before the race weekend! They were much needed and they felt great! I had my first jogging mile in them and it felt really great!! I am getting everything ready for race weekend as it is getting closer. Ordered a few shirts and wore my small tiara today while I ran and forgot it was on so I’m glad that will work out! It’s back to fitness classes this week😬 I know it’s going to hurt but it will be worth it💪🏼



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