I did it!!!!

Well yesterday was the day. I planned it out with my husband to get our 10 miles jog/walk done! I am not a fast runner/walker so I knew it would take some time. We ate a big breakfast, took some O2gold to help with breathing and headed out the door! The sun was shining and it wasn’t too warm, mid 50’s. Mile 5 I was feeling good, staying hydrated and focused on my pace. I was imagining where I would be at that mile when it’s race day! That really helped! Mile 8 came and I was feeling the toll as it was getting warmer and there was no break from the sun! Got those last 2 miles done and when I was finished I felt pretty fantastic! I know have a good feeling that I can finish the race. 

Here we are on Monday morning and my husband told me I should go out and do 6 miles so that I know how it will few race weekend. I headed out and one mile into it I got a bad shin pain on the left side. I stopped to stretch for a minute and kept going, slowed my pace but I was still under pace. By mile 3 the pain was gone. It’s a foggy and overcast kinda day but I did it, 6 miles done after the 10 mile day so 16 miles in 2 days…only 3 miles short of the 19.3 I’ll do on race weekend! I feel really great and it’s good to know how far I have come since I started training!! Today’s been a great day!


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