10k today 

Today was the day! First race enchanted 10k! Up at 2:45am and that was so early!!! Got to the race and had a chance to take pictures with princess Ariel and it was a pretty long line but we got a great picture. I was doing the 10k by myself so I said bye to my husband and headed to the coral. It was a foggy and humid morning but the race started when it was dark so that was a plus. The fireworks went off and off I went. 

The race was so fun I didn’t take any character pics I just was taking in all the sights and enjoying myself. Didn’t push too hard since I will do 13.1 tomorrow. I did stop and take a sunrise picture and it was amazing. I finished and I had family and friends waiting and cheering me on at the finish!! What an amazing feeling and boy was I sweaty! Here are some pictures! Big day tomorrow. Another early morning 


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