I did it and it was amazing

Sorry for the last post but I have been enjoying the moment and enjoying the rest of my vacation!! 

Sunday morning with an early wake up at 2:45am we headed out to the starting corral. There were a lot more people for this race then the 10k! Got into the corral and began to stretch. Was a little nervous but was so happy my husband was doing the race with me. We started at 6:10am. The weather was perfect and we actually had jackets on. The fireworks went off and we started our race. By mile 2 those jackets were gone. There were a few spots towards mile 5 where there were a lot of people so I was hard to get around. We were doing a walk/jog until the magic kingdom, I wanted to slows down and take it all in. We walked right through the castle and it was just as amazing as I imagined. Then we headed back to Epcot. The sun was blaring so the water stations were great! I felt great and continued at a good pace. Was shooting for a finish time of 3 hours but finished in 3:14 which wasn’t too bad!! What an amazing race. I have to say I’m addicted and I will be doing this one again next year! 

My next race is the pixie dust challenge in Disneyland in May!!! I can’t wait!!! I love the bling that I received when I finished the races and I have been wearing my medals since I got them. What a feeling. I trained hard and long and it paid off. I wasn’t too sore the next day either which was good so we headed to the parks. The weather has been beautiful and today is our last day here, we are headed back home tonight. I am going to post a few pics from Sunday’s race. Thanks to all of you who have encouraged me.  Here’s to the next race in May!!!!s


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