Foam glow fun

So sorry it has been so long! I have been training for the pixie dust challenge which is 15 days away😱 I am so excited and nervous! I have been doing cardio daily but haven’t done any long distances other than 6.2. Going to have to get in 10-11 miles in this week just to see how I feel. 

Saturday we did the foam glow 5k! It was a rainy day on Saturday so the ground was wet! There were a lot of people there and it was a fun crowd! The course was strange lots of zig zags in open fields so a lot of people were cutting through! We kept on the course and finished! The foam areas were super fun on the course but it made the ground super wet and I almost lost a shoe😳 The family time and after party were so worth it!! We will be doing it again!! Today I will do some light cardio and get back at it tomorrow!


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