Pixie dust challenge weekend

So it’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and wrote and I apologize about that. This month has been super busy!

Well the pixie dust challenge was a success!! California was fantastic! The weather was perfect and the race was great! I loved that the first half of the half marathon was in the parks and the streets we were on outside the parks were lined with residents with their pets and motivational signs. I felt pretty good the whole race. Kept pace and stayed hydrated, the sun was blaring most of the morning but it’s better than rain right? We finished 5 seconds slower than the princess half but that was ok! There were some spots the course was congested and you couldn’t get around. I have to say disneyland is great but I’m a fan of Disney world! I earned the pink coast to coast medals and I love the Disney bling!! Glad I chose disney races to start my half marathon running! I am planning on doing the 10nauticalmiles run this weekend in Tennessee! If you are local I will be at the expo representing Advocare! I give credit to the amazing advocare products that help me with performance and recovery!! Here are a few pics from the race weekend!


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