It’s go time

Well I have not been keeping up with making time to blog and I need to really make the commitment! I feel it holds me accountable to staying on track with training and has been a good output for any struggles.
After the pixie dust challenge I had gotten off track. Wasn't going to the gym and my eating habits, that's a whole other story! End of June my husband and I decided it was time to get back to it! We started with a 10 day herbal cleanse and exercise every day. I have been doing barre, cycling, RIPPED and cardio. I was able to drop 8 pounds and started feeling better. Better workouts, better energy. Have been sticking with it! I look forward to my workout routine and am getting ready for my next race. I will be doing some 5/10k races and possibly one other half before next February's race Princess half marathon. I will be doing all 3 races! 5k, 10k, and half. 217 days to go. I will be sharing daily my workouts and weight loss progress. Feels good to be back!


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